My parents were 15 when they had me...

Despite the challenge of having me at such a young age, they worked hard to raise me in a positive and loving environment.  Although the three of us faced many difficult obstacles, we ended up being the exception to society's rule.

I was able to leverage my intellectual and athletic talents to graduate from Georgetown University with a Bachelor's Degree in Government and a double minor in Economics and Environmental Studies.  Additionally, I graduated from Georgetown University with a Graduate Certificate in Occupational and Environmental Health. 

While at Georgetown, I held more than half-dozen internships in the private sector, government, non-profit, and customer service industries. This gave me a wide array of experiences and relationships from every hierarchal level.  

My passion for helping others stems from the hard sacrifices and challenges I saw my parents face growing up.

I'm a strong advocate for empowering youth and helping them overcome many of the obstacles my parents and I faced.  I often speak at football camps and Boys and Girls Clubs about the importance of having discipline and excelling academically to pave a successful path. I will continue to pay it forward using GOODPartners as a catalyst to fuel success in communities like mine.