I was born to a 19 year old with sickle cell anemia...

a disease that left her bedridden for much of my childhood.  When I was 16, my father's imprisonment due to selling drugs brought further complications to my home and family life.

Despite these obstacles, I was able to create a path to success by using my intellectual and athletic abilities to attend Georgetown University where I majored in Sociology.

At Georgetown, I discovered my passion for uplifting low-income communities similar to my own, serving as a coordinator in the Sursum Corda tutoring program and with the "After School Kids" (ASK) program in Washington, D.C.  My work helped empower juveniles in D.C. to get off supervised probation and back into society, and my tutoring gave multiple illiterate children the gift of reading.

Thanks to these experiences, I now seek to create opportunities on a broader scale for those born into similar circumstances and communities.