Our Purpose

GOODPartners bridges the gap between communities in need and the organizations and individuals seeking to provide resources to them.  Through our network of organizations, institutions, philanthropies and government agencies, we have seen increases in the impact and efficiency of providing resources to communities because we work directly on the ground in communities.

We create partnerships to provide opportunities because our communities deserve them.

Our Focus

GOODPartners has partnered with organizations and individuals who share our vision to change the trajectory of underserved communities in America. By bolstering established philanthropic infrastructures and connecting organizations with similar missions, we are impacting poverty’s effect on the greatest areas of need in communities:

Our Partners

In 2016, GOODPartners worked with philanthropist, healthcare companies, universities, education technology platforms, school districts, government officials, and nonprofit organizations to better reach our goal of generating pathways of opportunity for underserved communities.

"Former Georgetown football players set up company to give back" - USA Today

"It was one of the great gatherings of my life to spend time with [GOODPartners} over lunch" - Tavis Smiley

Our recent partnerships include:

Our Services


Through our network of community partners, we have a proven track record of planning, implementing, managing, and analyzing both large and small scale social impact programs in urban communities. 


The deeply rooted ties we have developed in our communities have positioned us to create widespread awareness for a variety of different causes. The unique upbringings of our team grant us accesses to specific communities and experiences.


Our relationships to thousands of individuals in and around urban communities allows us the opportunity to quickly collect and analyze large amounts of data that is useful of for said communities and our partnering organizations.


We have coordinated events for different organizations including universities, business leaders, and government agencies focusing on issues communities are faced with as well as pain points for each respective organization.

Our Impact

We helped Georgetown University Athletic Department to make student-athletes more perceptive and acceptive of each other’s cultural differences. After the UCanBeU Event, 54% of student-athletes in Georgetown University believed that this event made them recognize and understand the factors that shape their identity (i.e. race, class, gender, sexuality) from a different perspective. 85% of student-athletes believed that it was effective for the entire student population to embrace their own identities and others’.

We partnered with Mentored to pilot their virtual mentoring software among participants in GOODCamp.  By pairing participants of GOODCamp with retired teachers and college graduates as mentors, we saw the overall academic scores of participants increase 1 grade level in just 5 weeks. We will continue to work with Mentored to implement this program in schools in the area.